Manage Data Overview

In Settings>Manage Data, you can manage quickly view and edit all the project data in your FuelGauge account.

Manage Data Table

This table includes a summary of all the project data in your FuelGauge account, in a table by year and month.

You can click on the dollar value in any month to see the details of that month. This opens the Projects List.

Projects List

The Projects List shows all the projects that are assigned to that particular month, with the name of the project and the revenue amount. If for some reason you need to edit any project, you can change the name or revenue amount in the editable fields, and click Update. Or, if you need to add a project, you can use the Quick Add Project option.

Quick Add Project

The Quick Add Project form allows you to quickly add a project using only the required fields. The full instructions are below:

  1. Add the Title of the project.

  2. Enter the Project Revenue.

  3. Select a Category.

  4. Select a Client.

  5. Select a Rep, and hit Save.

Any projects added this way will affect the dollar amounts on the Dashboard, History, Comparisons, and Manage Data.