Fixed Expenses Overview

To manage the fixed expenses in your FuelGauge account, navigate to Settings>Fixed Expenses. This screen houses the Manage Fixed Expenses table, which allows you to set your fixed expense data for your business. This table functions much like a spreadsheet.

Adding Fixed Expenses

There are two ways to add a fixed expense to the table. 

  • Select the Add Expense button to open a pop-up form.

    • Fill in the Expense Name, Amount, Starting Month (the first month you’d like to assign this expense to), and the # of Months (how many consecutive months this expense should appear following the starting month


  • Select the last expense name in the Title column, then hit Enter on your keyboard to create a new line

    • On the new line, you can select the empty Title field and type the new expense name

Editing Fixed Expenses

Editing your fixed expenses is all done directly on the table. Below are some tips and tricks for editing expenses.

  • You can select any field and enter a dollar amount. Type a number and hit enter, and it will save as a dollar amount

  • With a field selected, you can click and drag the white dot in the lower right corner to copy that amount across the table for the same fixed expense

  • You can use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to perform a Copy/Paste function with any expense name or amount, even selecting multiple fields

    • Pro Tip: You can Copy/Paste from one year to the next, after changing the year in the Year Dropdown field in the upper right corner of the table

Deleting Fixed Expenses

If for any reason you need to delete a fixed expense, you can click the three dot menu in the left-most column for the expense you want to remove, then select Delete.