How to Manage Goals

To manage the goals in your FuelGauge account, navigate to Settings>Goals. This screen houses the Goals table, which allows you to set your goals for your business. This table functions much like a spreadsheet.

Default Goal

The Default Goal is used as a placeholder for the goal for each month and year. You can set a Default Goal in the upper right corner of the Goals screen.

  1. Type your goal amount as a number (no dollar sign or commas necessary)
  2. Click Update
  3. Any table cell that contains “Default” will use the Default Goal amount for that month

Using the Goals Table

The Manage Goals table is used to edit the goal for any month. Below are some hints and tips for using the table.

  • Add another year: The Year column will populate automatically with any year that has a project due. For example, if you create a project due in 2025, that year will be available to edit goals.

  • Edit a goal: You can select any field and enter a dollar amount. Type a number and hit enter, and it will save as a dollar amount.

  • Copy a goal amount: With a field selected, you can click and drag the white dot in the lower right corner of the cell to copy that amount across the table from month to month. You can also copy a goal amount vertically from year to year.

Any changes you make to the Goals table will be reflected on the Dashboard.