Categories Overview

Under Settings>Categories, you can manage the categories in your FuelGauge account. You can have unlimited categories with a free trial or a paid account.

The Manage Categories table shows all the categories as well as available Actions (Edit and Delete). The table defaults to show 25 categories, but if you have more, you can select a greater amount to display on the Show {25} Entries dropdown in the top left corner. Instead, you may also to click through pages of categories which are accessible at the bottom right corner of the table.

Adding Categories

In the top right corner you can use the +Add Category button to add a category to your account, which can then be used for assigning projects.

  1. Enter in the Category Name. The Category Name will display in the Category dropdown field when you add a project.

  2. Select either Active Cost or Inactive Cost. In most cases you will leave it selected as Active Cost. You should select Inactive Cost if this is a category of project that you wish to not include in revenue calculations. (ex. Pro Bono projects)

  3. Once you’ve entered these fields, hit Save.

Once a category is saved, you can Edit or Delete it at any time, by clicking the corresponding button in the Actions column.