Users Overview

Under Settings>Users, you can manage the users in your FuelGauge account. You get unlimited users with a free trial or a paid account.

The Manage Users table shows all the users with their Name, Status (Active or Inactive), Email Address, and available Actions (Edit and Delete). The table defaults to show 25 users, but if you have more, you can select a greater amount to display on the Show {25} Entries dropdown in the top left corner. Instead, you may also choose to click through pages of users which are accessible at the bottom right corner of the table.

Adding Users

In the top right corner you can use the +Add User button to add a user to your account.

  1. Enter in the user’s First Name and Last Name

  2. Enter the user’s email address. This is the email address used for signing in to FuelGauge.

  3. Enter a password for the user. This can be edited later by the user.

  4. Finally, select a role, either Admin, Rep, or Team View. You can see a detailed view of the permissions for each role below. After a role is selected, hit Save.


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