History Overview

The History screen accessed from the main navigation bar is a great place to see all historical data that exists in your FuelGauge account. You’ll see future projects included as well, but the purpose of the screen is to be able to compare years and months, and quickly go back to

History Table

The History table shows a revenue summary for each month of each year that there is data in your FuelGauge account, as well as Gross and Net numbers in the far right columns.

Sort Columns: By clicking on the top field of any column, you can sort that column from smallest-to-largest or largest-to-smallest. This is helpful for comparing year-over-year revenue numbers.

Monthly Project Summary: You can click on any month field to open a pop-up containing the projects summary for that month. This can help provide greater context to the total revenue number for that month. It is populated with all the projects that were due in that month, with their accompanying revenue number.

Compare Years Graph

The graph at the bottom of the History page is another visual representation for the revenue data in the table. You can select and de-select each year of data that you have, and see how revenue has trended each month and year over time. There is a data point for the total revenue of each month.